Design For Climate Action

Theme : Take Action Now

Sea levels are rising, the Arctic is melting, coral reefs are dying, oceans are acidifying, and forests are burning. We have caused global warming at a record pace, burned fossil fuels creating more carbon in the atmosphere, endangering our own existence. The impact from manufacturing to production to consumption on the climate have serious consequences on global economies, livelihoods, health and infrastructure, while impacts are being felt on everyone’s food and water security, while impacting waste generation and the pollution crisis. Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent and intense worldwide. We have cut trees and destroyed forests more than ever before, polluted the air, water, and soil. We have created a massive floating island of waste in the oceans and caused species to face extinction. Human activities have placed immense pressure on three-quarters of the Earth’s land surface, transforming it into our own personal factory. We are also seeing the serious impacts on Mauritius and other vulnerable islands in the Indian Ocean.

Design a poster to initiate the target audience to take bold actions now to accelerate change towards a green, prosperous, and equitable future, reflecting views on any aspect of the ‘climate crisis’ that the planet or Mauritius is facing, the urgency of the crisis and the seriousness of its consequences in order to target governments, businesses, or citizens who are all essential in harnessing the revolutionary progress needed to save humanity and the planet from the climate emergency. Overcoming climate change is within reach if we work together to commit to action and invest in our planet and our collective future. It is now time to act.
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