Design For Climate Action

Great to see you here.
Time to submit for the planet.

Great to see you here. Time to submit for the planet.

Design For Climate Action


Kindly make sure to read the terms & conditions and guidelines before completing the form. You can find all the requirements, the information you need, on the guidelines page.


    The information you provide below will be used to contact you about the competition. If you are a group (2-5 designers), select someone who will enter the info on behalf of the group.

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    Please include the FULL NAME(S) of all the designer(s) involved in the creation of the poster (including you). 1-5 designers is allowed. This is separate to the contact details above. (Proofs of Mauritian Nationality will be asked if your poster is shortlisted.

    No. of designers *

    All designers(s) full name(s) (one participant per line) *

    I confirm that all designers have Mauritian Nationality *



    Static posters : A3 Size. 5 mm bleed. PDF under 5mb. RGB.
    Please include your name and the poster title in the file name, like so “name_surname_project_title.pdf”.
    If your work is selected, additional formats will be requested at a later date for showcasing online or printing.
    You may be asked to provide all relevant proof of the accuracy of any submitted information and work to the satisfaction of the Organisers or if needed to select the winner.

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    Static: A3 Size – PDF – 300 DPI – RGB – Under 5MB.


    [Mandatory] I have read and agree all guidelines, terms and conditions of participating in this competition. By submitting a poster, I grant to Branditup Studio an irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, publish, display, and distribute the poster, including on or through any Branditup Studio websites and social media platforms, and any other use related to Branditup Studio, including exposition, medias and more. I also give Branditup Studio permission to use my name and likeness in connection with the use of my poster as described. Applies to all participants in the poster as well.

    [Optional] By submitting my e-mail address I provide my expressed agreement that Branditup Studio can add me to their newsletter for news, competition, and more. I can revoke my agreement at any time by pressing the unsubscribe button.


    Submission closed. Thank you for partipating.

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